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Financial Advice

With extensive knowledge of account management, audit and tax compliancy requirements, we identify opportunities to maximise the full potential of your project by adding genuine value for the long-term.

Our experts can assist you in three ways: development appraisals, asset reviews and audits as well as mixed tenure modelling.

We generate land appraisals by undertaking detailed market research on project sites and reviewing the current assets to assess potential value and viability for site redevelopment - whether that’s an existing building or piece of land that you already own, land you wish to purchase or a building that is in need of renovation/rebuilding.

We believe mixed-tenure developments will be a key part of the residential property landscape and understand this requires sophisticated modelling to ensure that the completed site is viable, ensuring your financial objectives are not compromised.

Rejuvena8, partnered with Appraisals Abound, also specialise in Section 106 viability audits and land acquisition.

We’re actively seeking residential development & mixed-use opportunities. If you have any land opportunities please contact Gerry McCormack.

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