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Sales & Marketing

Flexible Sales and Marketing Support

Rejuvena8’s team of experts will view your project with a client mindset. Our property market intelligence and experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the business goals, drivers and constraints within the housebuilding industry, enable us to provide sound strategic advice within disciplines such as sales and marketing.

We work flexibly, either taking control or providing a support function for your sales and marketing output:

  • Market research of new opportunities including appraisal and pricing recommendations

  • Appointment of sales staff for the scheme

  • Selling and marketing the scheme on your behalf

  • Customer Experience

  • Home demonstrations

  • Handover on completion day

  • Customer satisfaction survey

Customer Services Workshop

Creating a product or service that is exceptional in the eyes of the customer is becoming increasingly difficult in today's competitive environment, which is why Rejuvena8 created the ‘Customer Journey’ initiative.


This training is tailored to each client, with every step of the sales process considered. We have successfully introduced our programme to a number of housebuilding clients who have seen immediate improvements to their customer satisfaction scores.

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